H.H. Gangri Karma Rinpoche met H.H. 42nd Sakya Trizin Ratna Vajra Rinpoche in London
0n 2nd June 2017
Deputy Mayor of Camden Councillor Richard Cotton addresses the audience at the Opening Ceremony and 850th anniversary of Martsang Kagyu
Martsang Kagyu London Centre
H.H. 41st Sayka Trizin presented the Vajrayogini Thank to H.H. Gangri Karma Rinpoche
in Taiwan
HH Gangri Karma Rinpoche teaching the 2017 Bardo course
Martsang Kagyu London Centre
The Monastery established by H.H. Gangri Karma Rinpoche in Markham, Tibet
Markham, East Tibet
H.H. Gangri Karma Rinpoche present the book what wrote by the funder of MK, Choje Marpa Sherab Yeshi
Martsang Kagyu London Centre
Martsang Kagyu Taichung Buddhist Centre
in Taiwan

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