The International Martsang Kagyu Stupa Project

It is with great pleasure we announce the planned construction of three Stupas, one in to be built in Tibet, another in Taiwan and the last will be built in the UK.  Each Stupa will house the precious Relics of the 11th Gangri Karma Rinpoche. 

According to Rinpoche, a stupa traditionally represents the mind of the Buddha and has the power to convey the mind transmission to those who gaze at it. The stupa, he said, is dedicated to world peace, and will become a tourist attraction that will bring many people to the spiritual path. Stupas are highly symbolic of the entire Buddhist Path, and represent the body, speech and mind of an enlightened teacher.  A Stupa that enshrines the teacher’s physical remains is an immediate visual reminder of the teacher and the embodiment of the pure and all-pervasive aspect of the awakened state. Relics only come from awareness Sidha. 

The 12th Gangri Karma Rinpoche tirelessly continues to promote and revive the precious teachings of the Martsang Kagyu Lineage founded in 1167 by Chöjé Marpa.  Rinpoche has been collecting relics of his last incarnation, a daunting task given that the 11th Gangri Karma was a Yogi and the relics are scattered in various locations in Tibet.  With the recent discovery of more Ringsel relics, it is now possible to enshrine these precious items to create a positive cause for the Martsang Kagyu teachings to blossom for the benefit of all beings.

The form of Stupa is traditional and strictly defined in outline and proportion. The proportional system is governed by a square grid with the size of the stupa being determined by the size of one square. 

If you would like to contribute to this worthy project please consider sending a donation, we apprceitate your kindness support.