We are delighted to present an overview and share some images of the various charity work that the Martsang Kagyu organisation is involved with, and which your kind and generous donations have helped fund.

You may already be aware that in 1994, in Markham, East Tibet, Gangri Karma Rinpoche set up a Monastery and an orphanage for children.  This facility provided not only food and shelter but also an opportunity for education and to enter monastic training.  Although the monastery was forced to close after Rinpoche arrived in the West, the beneficial work that was started by Rinpoche still continues today in Tibet, India and Taiwan.

The education of children continues to be very important, and in India where many orphaned Tibetan children now live, we offer school scholarships.  In addition we are able to provide clothing and food to them and to disadvantaged families living in India.

In East Tibet, in addition to the supply of food and clothing to families in need, assistance with healthcare is also given. Financial aid is given towards medical treatment and for those living in isolated villages we can also help by paying their transport fees to see a doctor.

In Yunlin County, Taiwan, the local orphanage helps many orphaned children who have lost their parents through tragic circumstances or have come from broken families.  We are able to assist by donating and delivering various goods to their centre.

Another aid we provide regularly is the supply and delivery of provisions to those people who have undertaken long-term retreat in the very remote isolated and mountainous areas of Tibet. 


Our dedicated volunteers sort and pack the donated clothing, shoes, and books before loading the trucks for distribution to disadvantaged families in Tibet and India.   

      We are very happy because of Tibetan children happily receive donated warm clothing.