We are very happy to tell you that Rinpoche's latest book;

‘The Bright Mind between Death and Birth’ has been published and is available to purchase at Amazon, W.H. Smith, Waterstones, and Nielsen’s book database.

We would be delighted and very grateful if you reviewed the book, apart from hearing your views it will also help to promote interest. Please also feel free to forward details of Rinpoche's book to all your friends and family.

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A Brief Outline:

The book is beneficial and significant to people who study Buddhism and people who want to gain insightful knowledge about the nature of mind / consciousness. In addition, this material offers scientists and researchers an opportunity to consider different perspectives when carrying out their research.  The explicit advice on how to care for the dying with love and compassion, and bring them help of a spiritual nature is truly invaluable.  This book illuminates the reader, to the true practical experience, of the majestic vision of life and death that underlies the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

This book is specific to western audiences, avoiding the traditional format of a Tibetan text. With a modern audience in mind, the unique question and answer format, presents an opportunity to gain a deep understanding of traditional Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and understanding.

This book would interest people with a diverse range of interests, including Buddhism, psychology, philosophy and biographical.